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John Henderson Smith, son of Elias William Smith

John Henderson Smith
John Henderson Smith, son of Elias William Smith, born September 8, 1892, at Ceralvo, Kentucky; married August 12, 1912, in Red Bay, Alabama, Birdie Louis Shaw, born February 7, 1894, in Prentiss County, Mississippi.

This couple moved to St. Louis, Missouri, in October 1916 and lived there until Mr. Smith retired in October 1956.  In the same month, they returned to the South and settled in Tupelo, Mississippi.  For many years, Mr. Smith was employed by the Singer Sewing Machine Company but he was with another company at the time of his retirement.  After retiring, he and Mrs. Smith returned regularly to the annual homecoming at Ceralvo, Kentucky.  They are the parents of only one child, a son, but have been foster parents to several other children.  Their son is:

Taken in St. Louis, Missouri
Uncle Edgar's daughter (?), Birdie Louis Shaw Smith,
John Henderson Smith, Unknown Girl,
John Smith, Jr (center front)
John Henderson Smith, Jr., born June 9, 1913, presumably in Red Bay, Alabama, who is a fine-looking young man.  On October 6, 1940, he married Jeanette Mae Goudy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Goudy, in the West Florissant Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri.  They have for many years lived in Tupelo, Mississippi, where John, Jr., is in the automobile business.  This couple has no children. 

Paulina Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Elias William Smith

Paulina Elizabeth Smith
age 20 years
Paulina Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Elias William Smith, born at Ceralvo, Kentucky, October 5, 1887; died April 17, 1956, while in the home of one of her children in Chicago, Illinois.  She is buried at Nelson Creek Cemetery, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.   Paulina married William Arthur Johns, son of                        and Jennie (Pevelar) Johns, on November 4, 1908.  Arthur Johns was born February 3, 1882, at Nelson, Kentucky; died April 29, 1956, in Chicago, Illinois, and is buried at Nelson Creek Cemetery.  This family lived at Nelson, Kentucky, and all the children, whose names follow, were born there:

Richard, age 4; Grandma Mary Lucinda Smith;
Thomas, age 1; Levi, age 6

Levi Joseph Johns, born May 7, 1913; died March 5, 1949.  He married Geneva              March 15, 1935.

Richard Earl Johns, born January 12, 1915; married Laura Johns (his third cousin).

Thomas Marion Johns, born January 14, 1919.

Mary Jane Johns, born August 24, 1922; married James Garrett.

William Arthur Johns, Jr., born November 29, 1923; married September 26, 1953.

(top row) Della, Mary, Paulina Johns (mother), Geneva (Levi's wife)
(bottom row) W.A. Johns (father), Clarence, Levi
Della Mae Johns, born October 1, 1925; married Edward Eaker.

Clarence Harvey Johns, born March 19, 1931. 

Elenor Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Jesse Baker Smith

Elenor Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Jesse Baker Smith, born May 22, 1921, in Evanston; on November 4, 1936, she married Thomas Alton Hutchinson, born November 30, 1916, in Evanston.  Their children:

Joy Elaine Hutchinson, born February 24, 1939, in Evanston; married, on June 12, 1958, Earl Dunning Longhurst, born February 6, 1937, in Evanston.  They are the parents of three children, all born in Evanston;
Mark Kevin Longhurst, born April 6, 1960.
Brian Earl Longhurst, born March 15, 1962.
Bradley Thomas Longhurst, born November 30, 1963.

Nancy Elenor Hutchinson, born November 17, 1940, Evanston; married June 8, 1962, Glen P. Groll of Randolph Utah.  They are parents of:
Todd Alton Groll, born August 4, 1964, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Judith Ann Hutchinson, born October 19, 1944, Coalville, Utah; married September 10, 1963, Kenneth Fred Myers of Evanston.  The following is their child:
Sydney Ann Myers, born August 28, 1964, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Marilyn Jean Hutchinson, born March 2, 1952, in Evanston, Wyoming.

(second from left) Phyllis, age 2 1/2 years
(far right) Elenor, age 1 year
Kathleen Louise Hutchinson, born May 27, 1954, in Evanston, Wyoming.

Susan Kay Hutchinson, born September 22, 1959, in Evanston, Wyoming. 

Ronald Glen George, son of Phyllis Marie Smith

Ronald Glen George, son of Phyllis Marie Smith, born December 20, 1941, in Evanston; married Judith Ann Porter on December 16, 1964.  Ronald received Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University in Asian Studies.  In 1966 he began graduate studies at Harvard University and in June 1967 graduated with a Master of Science degree. He was subsequently employed by the First National City Bank of New York and later sent to Hong Kong, B. C. C.  Ronald returned to the United States in November 1969 and is now the Director of International Banking Affairs for Zions First National Bank in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Ronald and Judith's children are;

Melissa George (daughter), born August 17, 1967, in White Plains, New York.

Matthew Porter George (son), born March 31, 1969, in Hong Kong, B.C.C.

Ashley George (daughter), born May 27, 1971, in Bountiful, Utah.

Ronald George can speak and write Japanese and Chinese (Cantonese) but does not know the Korean language. 

Edith Arlene George, daughter of Phyllis Marie Smith

Edith Arlene George, daughter of Phyllis Marie Smith, born April 8, 1940, in Evanston; married Dennis Lee Forsgren on June 20, 1958 (later divorced).  Their one child is:

Dennis Lee Forsgren, Jr. was born May 15, 1961, in Ogden, Utah. 

Phyllis Marie Smith, daughter of Jesse Baker Smith

Phyllis, 7 months old
Phyllis Marie Smith, daughter of Jesse Baker Smith, born January 20, 1920, in Evanston, Wyoming; married June 10, 1939, Harold Glen George, born April 20, 1917, who is a Union Pacific train conductor.  Phyllis is office secretary for Cardon Land Title Company.  This family lives in Ogden, Utah.  Harold and Phyllis' children are:
Phyllis, about 10 years old

Edith attended Weber State College in Ogden, obtaining, in June 1969, a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in commercial art and minor in psychology.  She married Herschel G. Rester, III, on December 26, 1969. 

Phyllis, about 16 years old
Phyllis Marie Smith & Harold George
Picture of "Grandma & Grandpa George"
From Edith Arlene George, 1965

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Carol Gaye Smith, daughter of Claude Gerrard Smith

Carol Gaye Smith, daughter of Claude Gerrard Smith, born March 14, 1963.  Carol takes piano and baton twirling lessons.  She is a member of the Sweet Cookie Club (4-H) and is club reporter.  A local newspaper carries her report on each week's meeting.