Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Elenor Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Jesse Baker Smith

Elenor Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Jesse Baker Smith, born May 22, 1921, in Evanston; on November 4, 1936, she married Thomas Alton Hutchinson, born November 30, 1916, in Evanston.  Their children:

Joy Elaine Hutchinson, born February 24, 1939, in Evanston; married, on June 12, 1958, Earl Dunning Longhurst, born February 6, 1937, in Evanston.  They are the parents of three children, all born in Evanston;
Mark Kevin Longhurst, born April 6, 1960.
Brian Earl Longhurst, born March 15, 1962.
Bradley Thomas Longhurst, born November 30, 1963.

Nancy Elenor Hutchinson, born November 17, 1940, Evanston; married June 8, 1962, Glen P. Groll of Randolph Utah.  They are parents of:
Todd Alton Groll, born August 4, 1964, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Judith Ann Hutchinson, born October 19, 1944, Coalville, Utah; married September 10, 1963, Kenneth Fred Myers of Evanston.  The following is their child:
Sydney Ann Myers, born August 28, 1964, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Marilyn Jean Hutchinson, born March 2, 1952, in Evanston, Wyoming.

(second from left) Phyllis, age 2 1/2 years
(far right) Elenor, age 1 year
Kathleen Louise Hutchinson, born May 27, 1954, in Evanston, Wyoming.

Susan Kay Hutchinson, born September 22, 1959, in Evanston, Wyoming. 

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