The material contained in this volume has been collected over a period of twenty-five or thirty years.  A great portion of it has been obtained through my own research, but I am indebted to more than a few people who have graciously contributed information that has assisted my effort to write a genealogy of our Smith family.  It is not likely that I could at this moment recall the names of all, especially the early, contributors, so I ask them to accept my gratitude and to take credit when they recognize their own contribution.

Undoubtedly, there will be errors--typographical or factual.  I shall be glad to receive notice of any error, provided documented evidence to correct it is supplied.

Peter Smith of Westmoreland County, Virginia, is the earliest Smith ancestor of whom I have found a record.  It is not known to this writer whether he immigrated to this country.  Perhaps it will yet be possible to find evidence to resolve this question.

It is hoped that, when genealogies of several related families are completed, all of them may be combined in one published volume. 

(Miss) Pearl O. Smith
3000 Spout Run Parkway
Arlington, Virginia 22201

March 1973