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John Henderson Smith, son of Elias William Smith

John Henderson Smith
John Henderson Smith, son of Elias William Smith, born September 8, 1892, at Ceralvo, Kentucky; married August 12, 1912, in Red Bay, Alabama, Birdie Louis Shaw, born February 7, 1894, in Prentiss County, Mississippi.

This couple moved to St. Louis, Missouri, in October 1916 and lived there until Mr. Smith retired in October 1956.  In the same month, they returned to the South and settled in Tupelo, Mississippi.  For many years, Mr. Smith was employed by the Singer Sewing Machine Company but he was with another company at the time of his retirement.  After retiring, he and Mrs. Smith returned regularly to the annual homecoming at Ceralvo, Kentucky.  They are the parents of only one child, a son, but have been foster parents to several other children.  Their son is:

Taken in St. Louis, Missouri
Uncle Edgar's daughter (?), Birdie Louis Shaw Smith,
John Henderson Smith, Unknown Girl,
John Smith, Jr (center front)
John Henderson Smith, Jr., born June 9, 1913, presumably in Red Bay, Alabama, who is a fine-looking young man.  On October 6, 1940, he married Jeanette Mae Goudy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Goudy, in the West Florissant Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri.  They have for many years lived in Tupelo, Mississippi, where John, Jr., is in the automobile business.  This couple has no children. 

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