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Paulina Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Elias William Smith

Paulina Elizabeth Smith
age 20 years
Paulina Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Elias William Smith, born at Ceralvo, Kentucky, October 5, 1887; died April 17, 1956, while in the home of one of her children in Chicago, Illinois.  She is buried at Nelson Creek Cemetery, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.   Paulina married William Arthur Johns, son of                        and Jennie (Pevelar) Johns, on November 4, 1908.  Arthur Johns was born February 3, 1882, at Nelson, Kentucky; died April 29, 1956, in Chicago, Illinois, and is buried at Nelson Creek Cemetery.  This family lived at Nelson, Kentucky, and all the children, whose names follow, were born there:

Richard, age 4; Grandma Mary Lucinda Smith;
Thomas, age 1; Levi, age 6

Levi Joseph Johns, born May 7, 1913; died March 5, 1949.  He married Geneva              March 15, 1935.

Richard Earl Johns, born January 12, 1915; married Laura Johns (his third cousin).

Thomas Marion Johns, born January 14, 1919.

Mary Jane Johns, born August 24, 1922; married James Garrett.

William Arthur Johns, Jr., born November 29, 1923; married September 26, 1953.

(top row) Della, Mary, Paulina Johns (mother), Geneva (Levi's wife)
(bottom row) W.A. Johns (father), Clarence, Levi
Della Mae Johns, born October 1, 1925; married Edward Eaker.

Clarence Harvey Johns, born March 19, 1931. 

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