Sunday, October 16, 2011

Anne Smith, Daughter of Peter Smith of Westmoreland County, Virginia

Daughter Anne married Hugh Thomas.  His will was dated 16 November 1717 and probated 14 August 1718.[1]  His lands were to be equally divided between his two sons, Daniel and Hugh Thomas; personal property was left to "wife Ann and my children."

On page 69, Fathergill notes "Ann Thomas. 16 December 1719. Inventory returned."  My interpretation of this notation is that it was Ann's estate on which that inventory was returned and not the estate of her husband, Hugh Thomas.  If this is correct, Ann was deceased before December 16, 1719.  It should be mentioned that Hugh Thomas, presumably their son, was a witness to the will of Peter Smith, his grandfather, who made a bequest "to the heirs of my daughter Anne Thomas."

[1] Ibid., p. 66

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