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Appendix E - The Wills of John B. Smith & William Wigginton Smith

Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, Will Book 4, page 64.

Will of JOHN B. Smith, December 30, 1884.

I, JOHN B. SMITH, will and bequeath as follows:

1.  To my youngest son, James Henry Smith, my 4 year old bay mare.  To my daughter, Luella Bell Smith, my 3 year old bay horse.  To my youngest daughter, Harriet Ann Smith, one horse or mare worth not less than $75 in case I leave her no horse.  To my youngest son, James Henry Smith, one milk cow and I give to Luella Bell Smith and Harriet A. Smith one milk cow.

2.  All the rest of my property I leave to my wife, Nancy Jane Smith.  I appoint my son-in-law, John W. Stuart, sole executor of this will.

                                                                                                            (Signed) John B. Smith
December 20, 1884.

Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, Will Book 3, page 80.

WILLIAM W[igginton] SMITH 

First, to son, William B. Smith, I will a negro boy named Wesley (age 24).  Also a tract of land, Penrod tract of 250 acres.

Second, to son Thompson B. Smith a negro boy named Bailey (8 years old).  I have by deeds executed conveyed to him certain lands.

Third, I have made advances to my children James G. Smith, Susan Strom, Lucy Bell, and Elizabeth Jones in land, negroes, and money.

Fourth, all lands, negroes, and properties to be sold and divided as follows:  To sons James G., William Bradford, Thompson Bailey, and my daughters Lucy and Elizabeth, each to get one-sixth part, and to my grandchildren, the children of my daughter Susan Strom--except Margaret Cundiff--the remaining sixth part of such proceeds amongst them to be equally divided--I do not bequeath any sum or property to my granddaughter Margaret Cundiff.

I hereby constitute my sons James G. Smith and Thompson B. Smith executors of this my...
                                                                                                 (Signed) William W. Smith

Dated March 18, 1846; probated in May Court 1847.

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