Sunday, October 16, 2011

James Smith, Son of Peter Smith of Westmoreland County, Virginia

James Smith was married to Elizabeth              .  Their children were
            William [Bailey]
            Anne [who later is called Nancy-- perhaps for the same reason Margaret     
                      is called "Peggy"--or perhaps Anne had two names and chose to use Nancy]

James' will was dated 14 October 1749 and was probated 24 September 1751.  Because his will is lengthy it is given in Appendix B.  He designated his wife, Elizabeth, as "my executor."  Interestingly enough, one of the witnesses to the will was Hugh Thomas (Smith's nephew).  The inventory that is mentioned briefly in the Appendix indicates that James Smith possessed some of the things not owned by ordinary citizens in those early days, such as valances, curtains and books.

Elizabeth Smith, James' widow, by 1767 was married to a Mr. Landman; it is believed his name was James.  We find that one of Elizabeth's sons, Peter, in 1789 sold land in North Carolina to "James Lamman."  We know that Peter went to North Carolina to live, and it is not unlikely that Elizabeth and Mr. Landman also went.  Sons William Bailey and Presley lived in North Carolina briefly.  Nancy eventually lived in Kentucky, so Elizabeth had no children left in Virginia.  It is not known when or where Elizabeth died.

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