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Presley Smith, Son of James Smith

Presley Smith was born in either Prince William or Fairfax County, Virginia.  His date of birth has not been ascertained, but certainly it was before 1749, for in that year he is mentioned in his father’s will.  He married Nancy Kincheloe of Fairfax County, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Wickliffe) Kincheloe.

William and Mary Quarterly 22 (W) (1) 186 states:

“One Nathaniel Wickliffe, late of Prince William County, Virginia, died intestate in Nelson County, Kentucky, in 1790 and his lands passed to his next of kin; namely, ...Presley Smith and his wife Nancy. ...”

Washington County, Kentucky, where Presley died in 1819, was formed from Nelson County in 1792.  It appears that Presley and Nancy remained where her inheritance was.

Other than the suit in chancery against the heirs of William Bailey Smith, mentioned above, very little has been found concerning Presley Smith.  Washington County, Kentucky, Will Book C, p. 235, lists the sale and purchase of his property.  At a court held on January 10, 1820, a list of sale of his estate was returned by Presley C. Smith and ordered to be recorded.

From other sources the names of Presley and Nancy Smith’s children have been learned.  They follow, with all the information available to me concerning them:

Elizabeth (Betty), born about 1773 in Fairfax County, Virginia; died after 1850 in Henderson County, Kentucky; married Elijah King on November 1, 1792, in Washington County, Kentucky.

Mary (Polly), born in Virginia; married Nicholas Ray.

Dorkiss (Dorcas?), married Mr. Grant.

Sarah (Sally), married Edmund Purdy on January 26, 1797, in Washington County.

Nancy, married Henry Purdy on March 13, 1793, in Washington County.

Jane, married Richard Burks.

Daniel James, married Lee Holland Aydelott on October 19, 1803.  Daniel bought land in Henderson County from William Bailey Smith in 1802.  It appears that he died in the year 1840.  Holland Smith's will was probated in Henderson County in December 1845.  The two children named in her will were Sarah Emily Smith and Tobiatha (Smith) Shaw.  Tobiatha married John Shaw on December 24, 1839.

John, (twin)

Peter W., (twin), Peter bought land in Henderson County from William Bailey Smith in 1802.

William.  Did not marry.  Died at age 76.

Presley C., married Sarah Burks on June 10, 1816, in Washington County, Kentucky.

Elias W., married (1) Margaretta Payne, on October 31, 1817, in Washington County; (2) Miss Lee.

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