Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Peter Smith, son of James Simpson Smith

Peter Smith, son of James Simpson Smith, born 1812 or 1813.  In 1850 he lived with his father and his brother, John B.; his occupation was that of blacksmith.  In 1860 he was a farmer whose real estate was valued at $800 and personal property at $300.  He probably married after his father's death.  Ellen was his wife's name, and their children were:

Sarah E.,                   b. 1855 or 1856         
James M.,                  b. 1857 or 1858         
Samuel R.,                b. 1859 or 1860       
Anna,                        b. 1862 or 1863
John,                          b. 1866 or 1867
Leonard,                    b. 1868 or 1869
Josephine,                b. 1872 or 1873

Evidently Peter Smith died between 1873 and 1880, for the 1880 Muhlenberg County census shows Ellen Smith to be a widow.  She, Peter, and all their children were native Kentuckians. 

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