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Ada Margaret Smith, daughter of William Edgar Smith

Ada Margaret Smith
Ada Margaret Smith, daughter of William Edgar Smith, born October 8, 1914; is tall and has dark brown hair and eyes.  In high school she was a star basketball player.  On February 23, 1939, she married Collie Ray Brown, in Madisonville, Kentucky.

Ada graduated from Marion High School; completed two years at Western State Teachers College, Bowling Green, Kentucky; received a B. S. degree from Murray State College in 1957, and an M.A. from Murray in 1961.  She taught school before her marriage and resumed studies and teaching some years later.

Ada Brown and Ann Collins are both dedicated teachers.  They have felt rewarded for their excellent work by the accomplishments of their students after they left school and took their places in society.  They have given many hundreds of hours of their own time to school affairs and to preparing for and attending school-related meetings and conferences.  In 1969, Ada was one of two persons chosen by the Classroom Teachers Association to represent it at the national conference of the National Educational Association (NEA) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Ada was later president of the Crittenden County Classroom Teachers Association.
Ada Margaret Smith Brown, Teacher;
Pearl O. Smith, Dept. of Labor in Washington D.C.;
Anna Maybell Smith Collins, Teacher

She and Collie operated a restaurant-bar in Evansville, Indiana, from 1939 until (about) 1947.  Upon the death of Ada's father, Edgar Smith, she and Collie bought the "home place" in Kentucky.  A few years later they returned to live on the farm in Kentucky and her mother, Mrs. Ella Tilford Smith, made her home with them until her death at age 80, although she spent part of her time with her daughter Ann.

Much has been done by Collie Brown to improve and modernize the farm.  Their home is run on an "open house" basis the year round and a week seldom passes that they do not have visitors, either family of friends.  The summer months are filled with great harvesting activity on the part of both.  Ada cans, preserves, and freezes an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and meats.  More is given away than is consumed by the family.  Collie raises wheat, soy beans, and corn.  He has a herd of Angus cattle, some of which are sold for breeding purposes and others for beef.  He has his own beef and pork butchered.  Their only child is:

Collie Ray Brown, Jr.
Collie Ray Brown, Jr.; born November 16, 1948, in an Evansville, Indiana, hospital.  At age twelve, he became critically ill of diabetes, but with good medical care he now lives a normal life.  Collie Ray is a handsome, intelligent young man with sandy hair and brown eyes and he is very popular with the girls.  He has worked with his father on the farm since he was a small boy and has held numerous jobs during the summer and a few semesters when he was not in college.  He is a student at Murray State University and expects to graduate in 1973 and to become a teacher. 

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