Friday, June 26, 2015

Ross Morton, son of Susan A. Smith

Ross Morton, son of Susan A. Smith, born 1885 or 1886; married Bessie Atherton on April 24, 1907.  She died June 3, 1958, and was buried at Centertown, Kentucky.  He married (2nd) Aletha Addington on October 12, 1960, and in 1962 lived at 602 Morehead Street, Central City, Kentucky.

Mr. Morton was at the head of the Centertown bank until his retirement about 1959. His and his first wife's children were:

Eugene Morton born December 31, 1907; married Clarice Sparks, no children.

Douglas Morton, born November 17, 1909; died in 1936.

Walton Morton born November 30, 1912; married Katharine St. Clair about 1942.  In 1962 Walton Morton worked for St. Clair Oil Company at Griffith, Indiana.  They had one child, Beverly Morton, born April 1, 1949.

Roger Morton born February 7, 1918; married M. Patterson in 1947.  In 1962 they lived at 1112 Lone Oak Street, Louisville, Kentucky, and were the parents of Roger D. Morton, born May 27, 1949, and Gary Morton, born February 7, 1951.

Samuel Morton born November 20, 1919; married Sally Brown in 1943.  In 1962 he worked for Union Carbide Company and lived in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  They had one child, Marilyn Morton, born February 21, 1947.

Nancy Sue Morton born March 21, 1924; married Wallace Ross in 1943.  Wallace Ross worked for Radio Corporation of America and lived at Levittown, New Jersey, until July 1962 when he and his family went to England to live, as his work took him there.  Children are:  Douglas Ross, born October 10, 1946; Dwight Ross, born November 10, 1948; Mary Beth Ross, born June 1, 1953; Lydia Sue Ross, born April 2, 1957.

William E. Morton born February 10, 1930; married Wilda Thompson.  In 1962 William worked for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and lived at 128 West Fifth Street, Central City, Kentucky.  Children: William Dudley Morton, born January 21,1958; Sue Lynn Morton, born February 4, 1961. 

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