Friday, June 26, 2015

John Kimbley Smith, son of John Everett Vaught Smith

John Kimbley Smith was the youngest child of John Everett Vaught Smith.  His place of birth was McLean County, Kentucky, and date of birth was November 20, 1856.  He remained at home on the farm until 1882, when he went to Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky, and became a salesman in a dry goods store.  Two years later he went to Ohio County and opened a general store in Centertown, in company with S. W. Jones.  On November 1, 1882, he was married to Miss George Annie Caldwell, a native of Union County.  He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South and she of the United Baptist Church. He was a Republican.[1]

Before 1899 they went to Marion, Crittenden County, to live.  John Kimbley Smith died there some years later.  Reference is made to his "year of dying" in Dr. Allan Foster's letter to Mrs. Ada Brown, quoted in the next section.

Some years after his death, Mrs. Annie Smith married Mr. George Boston, and both lived to an advanced age.  Both died in Marion, Kentucky.

I did not know "Uncle Johnny,” as he was called, but “Aunt Annie" always made Edgar Smith's family welcome in her home.  She had no children of her own, but she and Mr. Smith adopted a boy whose given name was Laster.  Mr. Boston had three children by a previous marriage: Nell Boston, Anis Boston, and Ezra Boston.

[1]  Kentucky, History of the State, J. H. Battle, W. H. Perrin, G. C. Kniffin, Louisville, Kentucky, 1885, p. 1002

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