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Martha Mary Smith, daughter of Claude Everly Smith

Martha Mary Smith Taylor, George R Taylor,
 Larry Russell Taylor
Martha Mary Smith, daughter of Claude Everly Smith, was born Feburary 5, 1909, in Ohio County, Kentucky.  She graduated from Lindenwood College, a girls' junior college in St. Charles, Missouri.  She then went to the University of Kentucky at Lexington and received a degree there.   

On May 29, 1932, she married George R. Taylor.  They went to Washington, D. C., and entered the Lewis Hotel Training School, but when they were ready to put into practice what they had learned no opportunities were available.  For a number of years they operated a dry cleaning establishment.  

Larry Russell Taylor

Their only child was Larry Russell Taylor, born March 31, 1945.  Larry Russell Taylor is a printer at the National Security Agency, a branch of the Federal Government.  He married Debra Ann Yorkilous at Rockville, Maryland, on April 11, 1969.  They have one child, Jenifer Lynn Taylor, who was born in 1969.

Martha died in Washington, D. C., on May 27, 1958, and is buried in the Washington National Cemetery.

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