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Anna Maybell Smith, daughter of William Edgar Smith

Anna Maybell Smith 
Anna Maybell Smith, daughter of William Edgar Smith, born December 8, 1911, had a twin brother who lived only a few days.  They were 7-month twins and were born at home.

Ann graduated from Marion High School, from Western State Teachers College, Bowling Green, Kentucky, and received an M. A. from Murray State College in 1961.  She taught school or was in the Kentucky school system for thirty years (was in Henderson, Kentucky, system in 1953-  54).  From 1957 to 1963 she was Supervisor of Instruction in Crittenden County, the first person to fill that position.  In 1963 she "retired" and went to High Ridge, Missouri (near St. Louis), to join her husband, whose work with Chrysler Corporation had taken him from Evansville, Indiana, to St. Louis a few years earlier.  They continue to be frequent visitors to Kentucky.  

Anna Maybell Smith Collins
Ann is of medium height and has light brown hair and blue eyes.  She has a fine sense of humor and a great fondness for literature.  On August 5, 1939, she was married to Torian Collins (born December 12, 1912), of Sturgis, Kentucky, by the Reverend Jones Smith, in Henderson.  In recent years Torian has been hospitalized several times for surgery and, more recently, because of a severe attack of emphysema.  Ann and Torian are the parents of:

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