Friday, June 26, 2015

Mary (Polly) Smith, daughter of George R. Smith

Mary (Polly) Smith, daughter of George R. Smith, born March 15, 1813; died June 24, 1838; married Dr. Jesse R. Craig on May 27, 1832.  Children of Mary (Smith) and Dr. Jesse R. Craig:

Louisiana Craig, born March 3, 1833; died February 15, 1904; married Charles C. Whiting, born February 2, 1832; died February 8, 1906.  Children:

Ella M. Whiting, 1856-1890; married Mr. Hussey.
Oscar Whiting, 1858-1881.
Maggie A. Whiting, 1860-1890; married C. Williams.
Jessie E. Whiting, 1863-1949; married June 24, 1885, John F. Meade.
            Sarah W. Whiting, 1868-1953; married C. Scull.

John Barton Craig married Amanda Johnson

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