Saturday, June 27, 2015

William Holt Collins, son of Anna Maybell Smith

William Holt “Billy” Collins, son of Anna Maybell Smith, born December 22, 1951, near Marion, Kentucky.  "Billy" was given the middle name of his great-grandfather Holt, on his father's side of the family.  Billy graduated from Northwest High School near High Ridge, Missouri, in June 1969.  All through high school he played the trumpet in the high school band.  When he enrolled in Jefferson College, in Missouri, he continued to take trumpet lessons and to play in the College band.  He also studied voice and piano, along with related subjects in music.  At the end of two years in college, he began writing lyrics and music and turned out a number of compositions in rapid succession.  With a fellow student, he made several public appearances, accompanied by guitars they played themselves.  One tape recording was played for several months over the Marion, Kentucky, radio station.  It is hoped that Billy will continue his musical education.  

Billy is over six feet tall, has a well-developed physique as a result of weight-lifting exercises.  He has light blond hair and big, blue, mirth-filled eyes.  His smile is a teasing one.  He is a winsome lad.                                            
 William Holt Collins was married on February 24, 1973, to Rebecca Lynn Lutman in a candlelight ceremony at the Trinity Baptist Church in High Ridge, Missouri.  "Beckie" is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lutman and is a tall, attractive, dark-haired girl, who holds a responsible position. 

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