Saturday, June 27, 2015

Appendix H - Will of Thomas Smith

The following was deleted from the original of this publication by Pearl O. Smith, and has been inserted here for historical purposes.

Thomas Smith's will is recorded in Will Book B, page 374.  It reads:

            "I, Thomas Smith, of Fairfax son William Smith, all my lands wherever situated, except that it is my desire that if the lands for which I have a suit against Colonel Fielding Lewis be recovered, then I direct the same be sold by my said son and the money equally divided between him and my two daughters, Susannah and Mary and their heirs. Also give my son seven slaves and all of my household goods, stocks of all kinds, plantation utensils, feather bed, six silver spoons, two guns, one of which commonly called T. V., I desire may never be parted with out of the family and one silver marked G. M. and the other half of my stocks and household goods at the plantation, to her all the rents and outstanding debts due to me with my crop of tobacco, I be equally divided between my wife and said two daughters. I give my wife the use of my whole estate during her life and at her death, and not before the same, to go as directed above.  Son William sole executor."

Sealed March 15, 1764.

Inventory shows that John West received quit rents for 1594 acres of land.  Paid. 

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