Friday, June 26, 2015

Julia Ann Smith, daughter of George R. Smith

Julia Ann Smith, daughter of George R. Smith, born May 31, 1820; died November 8, 1899; married Andrew Nash on January 14, 1841.  Their children:

William Andrew Nash, 1843-1902; did not marry.

Mary E. Nash, 1845-1915; married James H. Cox.

George W. Nash, 1847-1862.

John A. Nash, 1849-1939; did not marry.

Charles Edward Nash, 1851-1911; married, first, in 1873, Sarah M. Westfall; second, Lynda (nee Westfall); third, Charlotte Breton (1854-1922).   Children by   third marriage: Cladius (1887-1909), Clydia E. (1883-1886).

Martha A. Nash, 1853-1891; did not marry.

Nancy A. Nash, 1855-       married Mr. Johnson.

James Nash, 1857-1932; married Hattie Hinch (1870-1939).

Andrew J. Nash, 1859-1945; did not marry.

Eugene W. Nash, 1862-1950; married Aquilla Grigsby on September 5, 1889; one daughter, Hershia, who married Chester Montgomery. 

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