Friday, June 26, 2015

Dorothymae Martin, daughter of Cora Loretta Smith

Dorothymae Martin, daughter of Cora Loretta Smith, born April 25, 1909; married Henry R. Peck on February 23, 1928.  They lived near Evansville, Indiana, until a few years after their retirement from a business life.  In 1972 they built and moved into a home on Eddyville Shores on Lake Barkley, near Eddyville, Kentucky.

Their one child, a daughter named Mary Alice Peck, is a kindergarten teacher, after having taught the first grade class for eleven years in the Evansville school system.  She also teaches a class in Education at Indiana State University, in Evansville.  Mary Alice married on November 11, 1970, Forrest Obert Portlock

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