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Roy Baker Smith, son of William Edgar Smith

Roy Baker Smith
Roy Baker Smith, son of William Edgar Smith, born December 24, 1905; married on July 18, 1930, at Nauvoo, Alabama, Clemmie Jane Beasley, born December 30, 1905, a daughter of W. H. and Margaret Elizabeth (Guttery) Beasley.

Roy is well over six feet tall and because of his height, appears to be rather thin.  He has light brown hair and blue eyes.  He left Kentucky after the eighth grade to go to Evansville, Indiana, where he found employment.  Later he, too, went to Alabama and worked for his uncle, Everett Andrew Smith.  Now Roy has a small business of his own known as the Carbon Hill Hickory Mill.  He and his wife live near Carbon Hill, Alabama.  In 1970 he had a heart attack from which he recovered, but he works fewer hours a day than formerly.  He helped build a new church for the Pocahontas Methodist congregation, near Carbon Hill.  He and members of his family take an active part in the church programs.

Roy and Clemmie have been serious and conscientious parents and have raised a family of fine children. Their children are:

August 1958 - Cemetery at Crittenden County, Kentucky
Left to right:  Roy Baker Smith, son of Edgar Smith; Clemmie, wife of Roy Baker Smith; 
Birdie Shaw Smith, wife of John Henderson Smith; Pearl O. Smith, daughter of Edgar Smith; 
John Henderson Smith, son of Elias William Smith; Collie Ray Brown, grandson of Edgar Smith.

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