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Aaron A. Smith, son of James Simpson Smith

Aaron A. Smith, son of James Simpson Smith, was deceased when his father made his will in 1851.  The will bequeaths “to the children of my deceased son Aaron A. Smith $500 to be equally divided between them when they arrive at age or marry."

One Aaron F. Smith married Eliza Pool on December 16, 1838, in Muhlenberg County.  In 1850 (one year before James S. Smith made his will) Eliza J. Smith, age 33 (born 1816 or 1817) lived in the home of Elizabeth Pool (her mother?) with these children:

James S. Smith,                   age 9 (b. 1840 or 1841)
Aaron A. Smith,                    age 6 (b. 1843 or 1844)

In the Muhlenberg County records is the marriage on April 11, 1852, of Eliza Jane Smith to William Bell.  I believe this to be the widow of Aaron Smith, son of James Simpson Smith, for the 1860 census shows neither Eliza Smith nor Elizabeth Pool.

In that year James and Aaron Smith were living in the household of Fernando Pool. In 1870 James S. Smith was married and was the father of a daughter one month old.  Aaron lived with his brother in 1880, in the Paradise district, Aaron A. Smith was with John H. Pool and his family.  He is shown as a "nephew" of Pool.  James S. Smith maintained a separate residence, but he also is shown as "nephew" to John H. Pool.  No doubt John H.

Pool was a brother of Eliza Pool, who married Aaron A. Smith.  James S. Smith was in 1880 age 37 and his family consisted of:

Lucinda C. Smith,                44, wife (b. 1836 or 1837 in Kentucky)
Minnie A. Smith,                  9, daughter (b. 1870 in Kentucky)
Rosa L. Smith,                      7, daughter (b. 1872 or 1873),
                                                m. Samuel Jackson, July 25,1894
Ollie P. Smith,                       5, son (b. 1874 or 1875)
Viola Smith,                          2, daughter (b. 1887 or 1888)

I am convinced that James S. and Aaron A. Smith are the sons of Aaron A. Smith, the husband of Eliza Pool.  The first of the two boys was named for his grandfather; the second, for his father.  I believe the middle initial "F" in the marriage record is either an error in recording the marriage or in copying the record. 

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