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Moses F. Smith, son of Peter Smith of Caswell County, North Carolina

Moses F. Smith (son of Peter and JemimaSmith), born in 1784 in North Carolina. He married Frances "Fanny" Allen, daughter of Charles Allen of Franklin County, Kentucky.  Fanny's date of birth was August 31, 1793; she died in 1861 in Daviess County, Kentucky.  She probably had a brother named Memucan Allen.  Moses F. and Fanny Smith seem to have resided in Daviess County most of their married lives.  Moses F. died in Daviess County in 1859.

One Moses Smith received 57 acres of land in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky,  located on Beech Creek on January 28, 1803 (Jillson Land Grants Book 2, p. 523).

Moses F. Smith was one of the administrators of the estate of his uncle, Major William Bailey Smith, whose will was dated 1811 in Ohio County, Kentucky.  In that will his uncle left most of his estate to Moses F. Smith.  In 1853, Moses sold to his daughter Fanny, for $4,300, a "tract of land lying and being in the county of Daviess on the waters of Green River and Panther Creek and the unsold part of the following survey deeded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky on the 19th day of June, 1795, to William B. Smith and devised by said William B. Smith to the party of the first part (Moses F. Smith)... containing 860 acres..." (See Davies County Index to Deeds, Grantee, Book K, p. 545)

Charles Allen, on July 30, 1822, deeded to his grandchildren, the first six children of Moses F. Smith, 200 acres of land in Daviess County, "it being the tract of land formerly owned by William B. Smith and including a ferry called Smith's Ferry and the plantation whereon Moses F. Smith now being the same land conveyed to the said Charles Allen by Moses Smith and Richard Taylor, executors of William B. Smith, etc."

Moses F. and Frances "Fanny" Allen Smith were the parents of eleven children, as follows:

Allen S. Smith died by 1846 in Daviess County, Kentucky.
James R. Smith, died by 1846; did not marry
Thomas Smith died by 1860; died young.
Memucan Smith died by 1860; died young.
Tobitha Smith

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