Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mary Smith, daughter of Jesse W. Smith

Mary Smith, daughter of Jesse W. Smith, born 1806, in Kentucky; She married Hiram James Wallace (sometimes referred to as James Wallace, Jr.), who was the son of Captain James W. Wallace. 

James Wallace, Jr., seems to have been a prosperous farmer.  In the 1850 census his and Mary's children were, unfortunately, listed only by their initials; all were born in Kentucky and in 1850 those of school age were attending school.  The children in that year were:

E.             21        f                 
R. E.        17        f                 
J. W.        16        m                 
M. A.        13        f                 
F. B.         10        m
H. I.           8         m
W. C.        5         m

G.              1         m 

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