Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pressley Wheeler Smith, son of Peter Smith of Caswell County, North Carolina

Pressley Wheeler Smith; (son of Peter and Jemima Smith).  The place of his birth was very likely Caswell County, North Carolina, but no clues have been found as to his date of birth. It was stated earlier that he went to Kentucky, along with several of his brothers.  Further information has given rise to some uncertainty as to whether he actually went to or lived in Kentucky.  He has not been found in any of the census records that listed other members of his family, nor is he in the early census records of Caswell County.

In a suit filed in Daviess County by William Bailey Smith, Jr., against the executors of the estate of William Bailey Smith, Sr., in 1820, Pressley Wheeler Smith was mentioned as one of the heirs of Peter Smith who was a non-resident of Kentucky.  Pressley Wheeler Smith is said to have married Judy Luce. 

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