Thursday, June 25, 2015

George Smith, son of Jesse W. Smith,

George Smith, born 1826 or 1827, was likely the youngest child of Jesse W. and Rebecca Smith.  He married Mary L.         .  When the census was taken in 1850 he was 23 and she was 18.  Perhaps they had not been married long; there were no children listed. George was deceased when his father, Jesse W. Smith, made his will on June 5, 1858.  In it provision was made for George's widow and his four children, Bural (?), Mary I., Jessie W., and Rebecca S., by leaving to the children a tract of land "on which Mary Smith now livest and they are to have the benefit of the said tract of land after my death, and I will that Mary Smith, mother of said children, have the benefit of the farm during her widowhood..." A codicil was added March 4, 1865, revoking that part of the will which referred to land intended for his grandchildren, ''as I have found it necessary to sell it to live upon."  The rest of his "effects" were left "to my wife Mary Jane Smith after paying just dispose of as she may see fit."  The will was probated June 3, 1870.  Jesse W. Smith would have been 85 when he died.

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