Wednesday, June 24, 2015

William H. Smith, son of Leonard Smith

William H. (Billy) Smith, son of Leonard Smithwas born September 30, 1841, near Paradise.  He served in Company I (Eye), 11th Kentucky Infantry (Federal), during the Civil War.  (See  Rothert,    p. 336.)  Rothert states that Smith's farm on Green River, below Airdie, was one of the best preserved old farms in the country.  Few men were better known along Green River than "Billy” Smith.  It was his custom to hold semi-annual reunions of Civil War veterans.  The one in May 1912 was attended by one Confederate and fourteen Federal soldiers.  (See photo on page 283 of Rothert.)

One of "Billy" Smith's neighbors was General Don Carlos Buell, under whom he fought during the early part of the Civil War and for whom his youngest son, Don Carlos R., was named.

William H. Smith married Isadora Mason (born in Indiana in 1844 or 1845) on February 12, 1865, at the home of P. Smith.  In 1880, their family consisted of these children (Don Carlos R. evidently did not arrive until after that year);

Mary E., born 1866; m. P. Humphrey on December 21,1881, and was said to have been one of the most progressive women in the town of Paradise.

Leonard W., born 1868, One Leonard Smith married Iona Widick on November 24,1892.

Erasmus M., born 1870 or 1871; E. M. Smith married Susan Creager on March 8, 1893.

Annie D., born 1872 or 1873

Fannie, born 1875 or 1876

Laura I., born 1879 

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