Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Eudoxy Smith, daughter of Aaron Fairfax Smith

Eudoxy (or Eudoxie) (daughter of Aaron Fairfax and Judith Smith) married Alney M. Robinson on September 10,1837.  Very likely this man's name was "Robertson" instead of "Robinson." 

In 1825-26 and again in 1827-28, Rachel Robertson Smith, wife of James Simpson Smith, was the guardian of Alney Robertson.  The 1850 census of Muhlenberg County includes Laura Robertson, age 11, and Aaron Robertson, age 10, in the household of Aaron F. Smith, who would have been their grandfather.  

One might assume that Eudoxie and Alney Robertson were not living in 1850.  Laura Robertson, age 22, was living with her uncles Presley and Moses Smith, and her Aunt Lucinda Smith (all children of Aaron Fairfax Smith) in 1860.  It appears that they maintained a residence separate from their parents. 

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