Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Aaron Fairfax Smith, son of Peter Smith of Caswell County, North Carolina

Aaron Fairfax Smith (son of Peter and Jemima Smith), born in North Carolina in 1783; died April 12, 1867.  His tombstone states that he was 83 years of age at the time of death. Both he and his wife were buried in Dering Cemetery, later known as McDougal Cemetery at Paradise, Kentucky.

Aaron Fairfax Smith married Judith Strum, daughter of Pioneer Leonard Strum (or Strom).  Her birth date was July 20, 1792.  She died June 18, 1860.

Rothert, in his History of Muhlenberg County, 1913, says that Paradise is about a mile from Old Airdie and is built on land first settled by Pioneer Leonard Strum.  He and his sons, Jacob and Henry (Henry married Susannah Smith, daughter of William Wigginton Smith), opened up a farm and also conducted the first store.  They also operated a boat landing.  Aaron Fairfax Smith was a farmer in Muhlenberg County and, seemingly, a prosperous one.  He and Judith had these children of which a record is found.  There may have been others.

Edward Rumsey (sometimes referred to as Edgar Rumsey)

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  1. Leonard Strom/Strum/s correct surname is Stom or Stum.