Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lucinda Smith, daughter of Aaron Fairfax Smith

Lucinda Smith (daughter of Aaron Fairfax and Judith Smith) was likely born in 1819. She died in 1884.  Lucinda did not marry.  She lived with her parents during their lifetime and in 1880 her home was with her brother Presley William Smith.  Her will, found in Book 4, page 63, is dated June 10, 1884, and states that on November 17, 1883, in consideration of four notes (three for $100 and one for $114) she entered into contract with W. H. Smith (wife Isadora) to keep her for her natural life.  The above contract, it states, was carried out to the satisfaction of all.  Her death must have been shortly after June 10,1884

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