Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Susannah Smith, daughter of William Wigginton Smith

Susannah Smith (daughter of William Wigginton Smith) born April 14, 1802; married Henry Strom, probably in 1822, in Muhlenberg County.  Both are buried in Old Paradise Cemetery on Green River (three miles from Old Airdie Iron Works).  Henry died November 23, 1840, age 53 years (born 1787).  Sussana U. (or V.) died September 3, 1839, age 37 years, four months, and seventeen days (born April 17, 1802).

In the year 1850 three Strom children lived with the family of Thompson B. Smith (Susannah Strom's brother).  They were:

Louisa Strom,                       born 1834 or 1835
Eudoxy Strom,                      born 1835 or 1836
Nancy Strom,                        born 1836 or 1837

William Wigginton Smith bequeathed "to my grandchildren, the children of my daughter Susan Strom--except Margaret Cundiff--the remaining sixth part of such proceeds amongst them to be equally divided.  I do not bequeath any sum or property to my Granddaughter Margaret Cundiff."  Most likely he had given to her her full share when she was married. This seems to state clearly that Susan and Henry Strom also had a daughter named Margaret.  Very likely there were other children older than the ones named above. 

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