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William Wigginton Smith, son of Peter Smith of Caswell County, North Carolina

William W[igginton] Smith (son of Peter and Jemima Smith), born before 1776 (it is believed in Virginia); died 1847, probably in May of that year.  He is said to have married Patsey (Martha ?) Glenn.  His wife also was a native of Virginia.  (The 1880 census shows the state of birth of each person, and of each person's parents.  Thompson B. Smith, son of William W. Smith, states that both his father and mother were born in Virginia.)

William W. Smith received 250 acres of land on Plumb Creek in Muhlenberg County on September __5, 1805 (Jillson, Book 19, page 324).  In his lifetime he seems to have acquired a good deal more.

Eight children were indicated in the 1810 census, but only six were named in William W. Smith's will.  They follow:  
Sons:              William Bradford
                        Thompson Bailey
                        James G.   
Daughters:    Susan Strom
                        Lucy Bell
                        Elizabeth Jones
Granddaughter: Margaret Cundiff  

William Wigginton Smith's will is recorded in Will Book 3, page 80, in Muhlenberg County. He gave the Penrod tract of 250 acres and one Negro boy named Wesley to his son William [Bradford].  He had already conveyed to his son Thompson [Bailey]. "certain lands” but bequeathed one Negro boy named Bailey to him.  He stated that he had already made advances to his other children in land, Negroes, and money.  The will was dated March 18, 1846, and was probated in May Court 1847 in Muhlenberg County.  (See Appendix E.)

It is interesting to note that Edward Rumsey witnessed William Wigginton Smith's will, for one of the sons of Aaron F. Smith (William's brother) was given the name Edward Rumsey Smith.  Edward Rumsey was in 1860 "president of college."  He was 62; his birthplace was Virginia.  His wife's name was Jane M. Rumsey

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