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Thompson Bailey Smith, son of William Wigginton Smith

Thompson Bailey Smith (son of William Wigginton Smith), born 1813 or 1814, was a farmer.  In 1860 his real estate was valued at $2,400 and personal property at $3,000. His wife, Mary W., a Kentuckian, was likely born in 1823 or 1824.  The names of their children were:

Susan M.,                  b. 1843 or 1844        (one Susan Smith m. M. H. Haltsly,                                                                                                                        February 13, 1868)
Mary E.,                      b. 1844 or 1845      (one Mary Smith m. H. J. Dukes,                                                                                                                            October 5, 1864)
William R.,                 b. 1846 or 1847        (William Riley Smith m. Martha                                                                                                                               Elizabeth Edward, August 13,1866)
Samuel B.,                b. 1848 or 1849
Annie E.,                   b. 1851 or 1852        (m. John D. Casebier)
James I.,                    b. 1853 or 1854
Thompson B.,           b. 1855 or 1856

In 1880, Thompson B. Smith and Thompson B., Jr., were living with Thompson, Sr.'s, daughter Annie and her husband John D. Casebier.  It was in that census report that he stated that both his father and his mother were born in Virginia.  His wife, Mary W., had died between 1870 and 1880.

John D. and Annie E. Casebier were then the parents of three, as follows:

George,                      b. 1873 or 1874        (George Casebier married Lulu Kimmel on
                                                                        September 26, 1893)
Thompson B.,           b. 1875 or 1876
Annie B.,                   b. 1880                       (one Annie Casebier married Wilben Mitchell on

                                                                        October 17, 1899) 

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