Tuesday, June 23, 2015

William Bradford Smith, son of William Wigginton Smith

William Bradford Smith, son of William Wigginton Smithborn in Kentucky in 1808 or 1809.  He was a farmer and in 1860 his real estate was valued at $1,200 and his personal property at $5,000.  On August 9, 1847, in Muhlenberg County, he married Susan Jackson, whose year of birth was probably 1819 or 1820.

Susan (Jackson) Smith was living in 1860, but the 1870 census gives the name of William B. Smith's wife as Elizabeth.  Presumably Susan died before 1867 for on October 27, 1867, "W. B. Smith" married Elizabeth England.  It would appear that the first ten children shown below were those of Susan and that Charles W. and Eliza Smith were children of the second wife, Elizabeth England.

William Bradford Smith's children were:

Francis M. (male),    b. 1848-9                    
Martha A.,                  b. 1849 or 1850         
Lucinda E.,                b. 1850 or 1851                   
William T.,                  b. 1851 or 1852         
James H.,                  b. 1852 or 1853                   
Reuben Edward,      b. 1854 or 1855         
Tiberius,                     b. 1856 or 1857
Mary E.,                      b. 1858 or 1859
Elizabeth,                  b. 1860 or 1861
Robert F.                    b. 1861 or 1862
Charles W.,               b. 1868 or 1869

Eliza,                          b. 1870 or 1871

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